Music and Architecture

Rigenera FestivalChiostri monumentali San PietroVia Emilia, 44cReggio Emilia

September 26 2020, 8 p.m.

Johann Sebastian Bach
The Art of Fugue: extracts

Edgar Varèse
Density 21.5

Iannis Xenakis

Icarus vs Muzak (Bach)
Benedetta Polimeni, flute
Orfeo Manfred, oboe
Alberto Delasa, clarinetto
Martino Tubertini, fagotto
Giorgio Genta, chitarra
Gilga Gianolio arpa
Marco Lazzaretti, vibrafono
Francesco Pedrazzini, marimba

Icarus Ensemble (Varèse)
Giovanni Mareggini

Icarus vs Muzak (Xenakis)
Gabriele Genta
Marco Lazzaretti
Martino Mora
Francesco Pedrazzini
Marcello Repola
Matteo Rovatti

Three different ways of understanding music declined as sound architecture. Bach’s monumental work approached by two of the three artists who authored the first multimedia installation in history. The spatialization of the concert takes on crucial importance, frontal in the Art of Fugue, from above in Density 21.5, with the six groups of percussion arranged around the audience in Persephassa.