Electro Muzak

Icarus vs Muzak/AGON

Alexander Schubert, Serious Smile, for ensemble equipped with sensors, live electronics (2014)

Stefan Prins Generation Kill (percussions, electric guitar, violin, cello and four performers with video-game controllers (2012)

Michael Beil Caravan, for 4 players with live-video and tape (2017)

A world of electronic music lived by composers who are digital natives and have not only an academic past behind them but have already lived in contact with the tools of new creativity. Not only musical instruments then, from electric guitar, to drums, to midi instruments, but also and above all the world of entertainment starting with the complex video game that is Generation Kill by Stefan Prins: four physical musicians control four virtual musicians through playstation joysticks; or the interactivity of Alexander Schubert’s Serious Smile in which the music played is intertwined with the gestures captured by the sensors the musicians have on their wrists; or the multimedia pantomime of Michael Beil’s Caravan, in which the instrumentalists are transformed into actors mimicking the musical events on stage, captured and reprocessed by the video camera. Icarus vs Muzak has already presented some of these pieces made in collaboration with the historic AGON studio, founded in 1990 by Luca Francesconi and Azio Corghi among others and which has become one of the most advanced in research on technologies applied to music and video. The fiduciary relationship with the composers is evidenced by their recognition, as in the case of Beil, which published the video of the group’s performance on its website.