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1 October 2022

Sylvano Bussotti (1931-2021)
Five Pieces for David Tudor (1959), for piano

Alessandro Solbiati (1956)
Sottovoci (2016)
Studio V (2017)
for guitar

Ivan Fedele (1953)
Reflets (2018), per piano

Marco Longo (1979)
Canto d’ombra (2022), for electric guitar, percussions and piano

Fausto Romitelli (1963-2004)
Trash TV dance (2002), for electric guitar

Riccardo Nova (1960)
Primes Seventeen (2010-2014), for electric guitar and percussions



Icarus vs Muzak
Giorgio Genta, guitar
Francesco Pedrazzini, percussions
Diego Petrella, piano

Reflets is the title of Ivan Fedele’s piece written on the Debussy centennial, based on structures from his Images, to which Fedele applies mirrorings artifices, as a representation of water – a typical element of symbolistic and impressionistic sensibility.

These are reflections of the last decades of musical production through several generations of musicians who played an important role in the poetics of this period. A path that moves through the Informel with the versatile figure of Bussotti: composer, poet, painter, cultural animator. Then we move to the generation born in the 1950s that has overcome the post-Darmstadtian structuralist phase, rediscovering fruition – as opposed to construction. Finally a group of composers bound to the use of instruments and languages from distant cultures: while Nova takes much from indian music, Romitelli is close to rock and techno. The last proposal, Marco Longo, represents a further, possible insight into the poetics of contemporary music production.