Folk Songs | Festival Aperto

Festival Aperto, Reggio Emilia

1 October 2023

music by Luciano Berio, Fabio Nieder, Ivan Fedele*



*commissioned by Ravenna Festival in cooperation with Festival Aperto – Reggio Emilia, world premiere


Marco Angius, direttore

Ljuba Bergamelli, soprano

Icarus vs Muzak

An anthology of eleven folk songs (or supposed folk songs) of various origins (United States, Armenia, Provence, Sicily, Sardinia, etc.), chosen from old recordings, printed anthologies or heard from the voices of friends”: these are the Folk Songs that Berio wrote as a “tribute to the vocal intelligence of Cathy Berberian”. It was 1964, and they were scored for seven instruments and the voice of the great Berberian, who died forty years ago. In her memory, a new work has been commissioned from Ivan Fedele, inspired by the images of Japanese tanka poetry. The programme also includes one of Debussy’s preludes in a transposition by Fabio Nieder. The various instrumental timbres of the Icarus Ensemble will take us from Debussy’s pianistically transfigured Anacapri to new worlds of sound.