Dull catastrophes and love songs | Festival Aperto

Teatro CavallerizzaViale Antonio Allegri, 8/aReggio Emilia

13 November 2022, h. 6pm

music by Andrea Agostini

Dull catastrophes and love songs
for female voice, instruments and electronics (2022)


Felicita Brusoni, soprano

Andrea Agostini, bass and electric guitar, keyboard and electronics


Icarus vs Muzak 
Giorgio Genta, electrical guitars
Diego Petrella, piano and keyboard
Gilda Gianolio, harp
Francesco Pedrazzini, percussions
Yoko Morimyo, viola
Luca Colardo, cello

AGON acustica informatica musica
Massimo Marchi, live electronics and sound design

«Dull Catastrophes and Love Songs is literally a song cycle: personal, introspective songs, but they also breath a collective atmosphere – political, too – because the anguish and the impulses of one are, maybe, the questions of everyone else. Songs rooted in the esoteric groove of contemporary music writing, that is my home, but also in pop, rock, all these profane sounds that I love so much and from which I learn every day.

Songs that work on the mechanisms of creation and production typical of that way of making music (recording before writing a score, using the studio as a musical instrument, producing the recording before the concert, expanding and blurring the role of the composer, no longer the sole demiurge of the work but director of a trusted group of collaborators) without thereby embracing the very detailed stylistic features of one, ten or a thousand musical genres defined by thousands of grammars and ethnologies. I have been stubbornly cultivating this project and this thought for at least ten years. These songs, today, are the result.»

Andrea Agostini