...with the rainbow of my singing, with the flutter of my wings.

(Susy Shock cit. in Gold, Mercat de les Flors-Casa de la Dansa, Barcellona, 1-3 april 2022)


...with the rainbow of my singing, with the flutter of my wings.

(Susy Shock cit. in Gold, Mercat de les Flors-Casa de la Dansa, Barcellona, 1-3 april 2022)


Icarus vs Muzak is the continuation of the successful experience that was Icarus Junior – first youth ensemble founded and overseen by Icarus Ensemble in 2007. Their first production, under the direction of Francesco Micheli, was live streamed or RaiRadio3. Later, Icarus produced “Prove di volo” for amplified instruments, elecrtonics and video (created by Otolab and MartinenFabrik). “Prove di volo” was performed in San Francisco (Spring Festival of the Bay Area in collaboration with Italian institute of Culture) and in various italian cities.

The following program, “The Dark Side of the Moon-Revisited” with MartinenFabrik’s video art, was performed in Zagreb Bienniale in 2009. Icarus Junior members took part in projects in Dijon, Milan, Cairo and Alexandria. “Soli Deo Gloria” was performed within the homonymous festival in Reggio Emilia in 2010, with replies in Mantova, Belfort, Milan, Modena. In 2014 “Cervelli in fuga”, collection of youg italian composers in Paris, was performed in Madrid, Avila, Milan/Brera, Reggio Emilia. Icarus vs Muzak started his activity with various concerts based on percussions and the new current ensemble. The ensemble produced several programs for Maramotti Art Collection, ranging from Terry Riley’s “In C” to a mixed Crumb/Guo Wengjing program.

In 2017 the ensemble started a residency in Brera Academy (Milan), still ongoing, in collaboration with Amici di Musica/Realtà. The resulting productions, whether independent or shared with Icarus Ensemble, are significant. Among those, “Sinestesie” was created on the occasion of Brera Academy’s Open Day, in collaboration with Brera Art Gallery: they performed Melchiorre’s “Unreported”, an opera about Ustica air disaster, created together with Associazione parenti delle vittime di Ustica, with replies in Reggio Emilia and Bologna. The ensemble dedicated various thematic programs to contemporary repertoire.

In 2018 Icarus vs Muzak represented Brera Academy in Venice within a MIUR project, promoted by the Ministry of Culture. In 2018/19 the ensemble resumed the topic of the relationship between ancient and contemporary music by commissioning pieces to various composers and performing the two cicles in different Italian cities. In 2020 the ensemble partecipated in RIGENERA festival performing Xenakis’ “Persephassa”. Icarus vs Muzak was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take part in “Vivere all’Italiana in Musica” project, call meant to diffuse Italian music in the world. Icarus vs Muzak has a legal form since 2020.

In 2021 the ensemble performed in North Macedonia, il 2022 collaborated with ROPA (Roberto Olivan Performing Art) for six replicas of “Gold” ballet in Barcelona, Mercat del flors Casa de la Dansa. This year they are also expected at Cervantino Festival and in Forum Manuel Enriquez in Mexico. Among the multimedia productions of the ensemble we can find “Rigenera”, on the relationship between Music and Architecture, “Electromuzak”, with electronics and latest generation multimedia, “Codice Incanto”, winner of MAECI call, and three CDs dedicated to the present of antiquity inside contemporary, published by Da Vinci.



Benedetta Polimeni


She has collaborated with major Italian orchestras including ‘I Pomeriggi musicali’ in Milan. Graduate with top marks from the Conservatory of Reggio Emilia, she is a full member of Icarus vs Muzak since its foundation.
Of herself she says: “There are two ways to escape the miseries of life: music and cats!”

Orfeo Manfredi


He has played with important orchestras such as the Arturo Toscanini Orchestra , the European youth orchestra ESYO. Since 2018 is member of the ensemble of contemporary music “Icarus Ensemble” with which he has performed in important events including the Venice Biennale.
He said about himself : ” in addition to music my passions are the history of art and walks in the countryside”

Alberto Delasa


He studied and collaborated with the most important italian clarinetists. His activity as a soloist and chamber musician takes place in his homeland and abroad. Is a Icarus vs Muzak member since 2020. He took part in all the ensemble’s recordings.
He says: “My passions? Music and the mountains. In the end, however, there must be time for a glass of wine.”

Gilda Gianolio


Graduated cum laude at Parma Conservatory. She performed in numerous contexts as a soloist and in chamber music ensembles or orchestras. She also cultivates a passion for prose tand collaborates in various ways with theatres. She’s a Icarus vs Muzak member since 2019. She surely likes to play the harp in concerts, but even more she likes dinners after concerts.

Giorgio Genta


For 15 years he has been a member of Icarus Junior first and of Icarus vs Muzak then. He played in the USA, the Zagreb Biennial, and at various national and foreign festivals. He performs concerts in various classical and contemporary formations and collaborates in pop / rock projects, music and theater, cover bands and crossover.
He says: “When you have to take important decisions, forget about it, and take a guitar”

Diego Petrella


Bolognese by birth but Milanese by adoption. Winner of the Prize of the Arts, of the Humanitarian Competition, best student of the Milan Conservatory, second in the Pozzoli Competition of 2021, (first prize not awarded and the only Italian semifinalist).

Yoko Morimyo


She made numerous recordings as a soloist for the Radio of Italian Switzerland under the direction of Giorgio Bernasconi. She took part in several national festivals including the Venice Biennale and MITO. She also cultivates a passion for Baroque music.
Of herself she says: “I am a Dormousloth (dormouse + sloth), serious and anxious, I live in the musical forest and … of course I sleep a lot!”

Luca Colardo


He played as a soloist at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and Carnegie Hall in New York, in ensemble at the Cité de la Musique in Paris with the Intercontemporain Ensemble. It was on the cover of Amadeus magazine that presented his CD. Among the Italian concerts the participations in the Society of the Milan quartet and the Quirinal Concerts in Rome.
Of himself he says: “Keep calm and study it slow!”

Marco Lazzaretti


Born in Modena, he studied at Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia and followed several seminars/masterclasses of drums and percussion. He performs regularly with several orchestras including Toscanini Next, Philarmonic Orchestra of Brasov, Philarmonic Orchestra Bruno Bartoletti. His thinking is: if I make mistakes and my reaction is “yeah”it means that I’m playing Jazz

Martino Mora


Born as drummer he approched lateron the general world of percussions. He is collaborating with several orchestras including Youth Italian Orchestra, Toscanini NEXT, Senzaspine Orchestra.
He says: I’ve never been good at maths. When I looked at 4/4 or 5/8 I thought of Led Zeppelin or of Take Five by Brubeck

Francesco Pedrazzini


At the age of 9 is the first participation in an International festival. Member of Icarus Junior, then of Icarus vs Muzak for 15 years. He has performed in different foreign countries as well as in Italy and in prestigious contexts such as Mito, Expo 2015, Music Biennale of Zagreb, Cairo Opera House. His favorite quote is: “It hurts my gulliver, mum!”

Matteo Rovatti


He attended the courses of all the main Italian percussionists and of all the main foreign tympanists. He studied at Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome. He has collaborated with several orchestras and with ballet. He confesses: “My greatest dream? Become a Formula 1 driver”